Cloud Computing

Outsource Your IT Infrastructure and Data Storage to the Cloud

When utilized correctly, cloud computing is a great way to lessen your upfront IT costs without impacting your day-to-day operations. Essentially, you pay only for the services you need (and only when you need them). Cloud computing is beneficial for data management, disaster recovery, and networking…but cloud migration and cloud management are easier said than done.

As a certified AWS partner, we can help you take your cloud computing investments to the next level. Our team of experienced, specialized consultants helps clients leverage the full capabilities of the AWS platform and maximize the potential of the cloud as a remote, one-stop storage and networking solution. Reach out today to learn more.



When you work with Nexthop, you also gain access to the relationships we enjoy as partners with leading 3rd party providers like AWS. Make cloud computing faster, easier, and more efficient with best-in-class tech today.

Office 365

Nexthop stands as an Office 365 expert, leveraging deep knowledge and experience to optimize your organization’s utilization of the platform. Trust our expertise for seamless implementation, efficient migration, and comprehensive support, empowering your business with enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Microsoft Azure

Take advantage of Nexthop’s Azure Management to optimize your organization’s Azure environment. Leverage our deep knowledge and experience for seamless deployment, efficient resource management, and effective cost optimization, empowering your business with scalability, flexibility, and enhanced cloud operations.

Cloud Migration

It’s (relatively) easy to utilize cloud computing when launching a new business from scratch, but established organizations transitioning from legacy software and an existing IT infrastructure face several additional challenges.

At Nexthop, we help you take the next steps with confidence. Discover what our digital transformation experts can do for your team today.

Cloud Management

Cloud computing offers many cost benefits…but these advantages can be quickly squandered if you are devoting significant time and resources to day-to-day cloud management.

When our specialized consultants lend their expertise to your cloud management this does more than optimize your set-up – it also frees you up to focus on other key operational priorities.

Cloud Repatriation

As technology evolves, so does how companies manage their data. In recent years, companies have moved away from cloud providers like AWS and Azure and are bringing their data in-house. This is called cloud repatriation, which has become a challenge for companies of all sizes.

As an IT professional with extensive experience who has worked in the tech space as a contractor, in-house at significant firms and as a startup founder, I have a unique perspective on cloud repatriation. AT Nexthop, we help our customers bring and transition from cloud based environments to traditional own or hosted data centers.