IT Architecture

Think Long-Term and Prepare for the Future

Effective computer systems and IT networks are not created in a vacuum – there is a lot of in-depth planning and strategizing that goes on behind the scenes. Your network needs to be equipped to handle today’s operational needs while also being ready to incorporate new technology and take on the challenges of tomorrow. The IT architecture decisions you make today can impact your business for years to come.

At Nexthop, we help clients optimize and improve their existing IT architecture or even create a brand-new IT infrastructure from scratch. The best part? We leverage our network of leading 3rd party IT providers to make this happen without breaking the bank. Discover what we can do for your team today.

Our Advantage

Long-Term Planning

When it comes to IT architecture, long-term solutions are always better than quick fixes. We help our clients succeed today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Verified Expertise

With over 20 years of high-level IT Architecture experience under our collective belts, we’ve created solutions for a wide variety of businesses and industries.


A robust IT architecture should create real, tangible benefits for your business. Our cost-effective, results-driven approach has been designed to maximize efficiency (and ROI).

Leverage Leading Solutions

Need to take your IT architecture to the next level? The process starts by identifying and deploying the best tech for your needs. At Nexthop, we can help.

Through our established relationships with best-in-class suppliers, we help clients tap into a portfolio of industry-leading hardware and software solutions. Discover how we can optimize your IT architecture today.

Create a Custom IT Blueprint

An IT architect plans out a computer system, just like a conventional architect plans out a building. In both cases, an effective blueprint is the key to success.

Nexthop consultants work with your team and 3rd party IT providers to create a comprehensive, in-depth IT blueprint that has been fully customized to your organization’s precise needs. Ready to get started?